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When you are lost...

find yourself first

When you are lost...

Feeling lost is one of the most overwhelming human experiences.  Spinning in confusion about the path forward in relationships, life purpose, or health can cause tremendous suffering inside of you. Thoughts of the future, cloudy and uncertain, can lead to anxiety taking over.  Your once optimistic spirit feels hijacked. The heavy weight of dread feels smothering.

Living under this weight you don't cope well.  You check out, act out, or engage in self-destructive habits. The stuckness creates cracks where hopelessness and despair creep into your heart. It might feel like your light is dimming, like you are losing life force and connection to our own spirit.


find yourself first

Though you might feel alone I assure you that you are not.  Sometimes our suffering can help lead us on our greatest path to  purpose and vitality.  Pain can help reveal our needs to us and motivate change.  As Rumi said, "The wound is where the light enters you." I truly believe you have the wisdom and resources inside of you to find the direction and healing you need.  You might just need a guide to lead the way in. 

I believe in the power of diving deep within to find the answers.  I can guide you on "inner journeys" to connect to resource and the wisest parts yourself. You can find your way to confidence and peace.  You might be interested in journeying with psychedelic medicine, I offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy and will offer journeying with other psychedelics as they become legal.  Sometimes the journeys do not require medicine at all. I also offer integrative healing and coaching using guided imagery, yoga practices, and parts work.  Find out more about inner journeying integrative coaching here

I am available Saturdays in Boulder, CO and Sundays in Coal Creek Canyon Golden, CO.

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I am currently only taking new individual clients if you are seeking couples therapy please check out my group practice The Love, Sex, and Gender Center for available sex and couples therapists.

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