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Inner Journeying Integrative Healing
& Coaching

Find your center.
Cultivate clarity, insight and healing.
Design your most nourishing and authentic life.

Feeling lost is one of the most overwhelming human experiences.  Spinning in confusion about the path forward in relationships, life purpose, or our health can cause tremendous suffering inside of us. The future is cloudy and uncertain. The anxiety can feel like a heavy weight or a feeling of dread we carry with us wherever we go.


Sometimes we cope by checking out, acting out, or engaging in self-destructive habits. A sense of stuckness creates cracks where hopelessness and despair creep in. It might feel like your light is dimming, like we are losing life force and connection to your spirit.

Sometimes our suffering can help guide us on our greatest path to wisdom, purpose, and healing.  We might just need a little help.

What is Inner Journeying?

When you get in touch with the deeper wisdom beneath the mind chatter, there is a sense of peace and self-confidence that develops.  We all have our own versions of self-destructive inner diaglogue Inner Journeying is a synthesis of meditation, yoga, guided visualization and parts work.  

Some of my clients are finding clarity on how to call in and maintain supportive strong relationships.  Some clients are struggling with chronic pain and are finding a their best path towards healing and self-care.  Other clients previously feeling lost in their life purpose are now gaining the confidence they need to shift their life path to a authentic and exciting direction. 

Let's Chat!

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I am available for full sessions in Coal Creek Canyon in Golden on Sundays and sessions in Boulder, CO on Saturdays.


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