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Sex Therapy

Are you feeling embarrassment or shame about the sexual issues you are struggling with? 
Is it causing problems in your partnership?
Are you worried it's never going to get better?

Many individuals and couples seeking sex therapy for better physical intimacy are suffering deeply. You may be feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from feeling good about your sexuality, either individually or with a partner. Many times seeking sex therapy can be difficult. You may be feeling shame about the issues you are facing and worried that no one will understand, or worse, that you will be judged.

Individuals and couples we see in ouroffice for sex therapy concerns are struggling with:

❥ Sexual/Pelvic Pain or Dysfunction

❥ Gaps In Sexual Desire for Couples

❥ Sexual Trauma

❥ Body Image Issues

❥ Arousal or Orgasm Issues

❥ Performance Anxiety

❥ Erectile Dysfunction/Ejaculatory Issues 

❥ Infidelity

❥ Compulsive Sexual Behavior

❥ Sex Addiction/Porn Addiction

❥ Fetishes/BDSM

❥ Non-monogamy (polyamory/swinging)

❥ Sexual Orientation

❥ Gender Identity

❥ Other sex related concerns

Sex therapy is a compassionate and judgement-free space to explore what the underlying causes of your sexual concerns are. The goal of sex therapy is to help you let go of shame and relate to your body and sexuality in a way that empowers and supports you. Whether you have individual concerns or concerns in your relationship, sex therapy can help you create the changes to feel good about your sexuality and satisfied in your sex life.

If you’ve been struggling with your sex life for too long you may be wondering:

❥ Is our sex life dead?

❥ How can I have a fulfilling sex life?

❥ How can I feel confident in my sexuality?

❥ Will sex therapy be able to help?

I am currently only taking therapy clients (individuals & couples) interested in ketamine therapy. I also have space for individual coaching clients (non-medicine). If you are a couple seeking non-medicine sessions please check out my group practice The Love, Sex, and Gender Center for available sex therapists and couples therapists.

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