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Is your love or sex life feeling dead or non-existent? Maybe your lack of confidence is causing problems in your current relationship or keeping you from starting the relationship you really want.  Maybe you and your partner need a tune up on communication skills . Coaching can help you feel good about your body, sexuality, and to cultivate the love, passion, and sex you want in your life.

Are you seeking heart and soul healing? Many people who seek counseling feel they have a lack of energy, meaning and purpose in their life.  You could be feeling anxious or depressed and it’s impossible to “just get over it.”  Maybe the hurt in your heart is from a painful event, loss, or trauma. Counseling allows you to connect to your deepest wisdom to the find the answers you are seeking and the healing you need most.

Are you feeling frustrated, lonely, or hopeless in your relationship?  Do feel resentful because no matter how hard you try, you feel like your partner can’t or won’t meet your needs? Couples therapy will help you learn to navigate your conflicts in a way that brings you closer rather than tearing you apart. We will take the steps toward healing to create the relationship you both want together.

Are there obstacles keeping you from a satisfying sexual life? Many people who seek therapy for sexual concerns may feel ashamed or overwhelmed with the issues that are coming up individually or in their partnership.  It can be difficult to open up about sexual issues . Psychotherapy offers a safe, judgement-free space for us to explore what’s underneath the sexual issues in order to find healing and create the changes you want individually and/or as a couple.

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