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Good Vibrations Date Night

Bring the apple of your eye out for a night of

Music, Touch, and Movement!

When: Thurs Sept 22

Where: 2020 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302

$65 per person ($130 per couple)


Enjoy guided practices that will help you and your partner playfully unwind and connect through touch and movement.


During your adventure, you’ll be immersed in the cosmic vibrations of multi-instrumentalist Johannes Rath’s Guitalimba, a fusion instrument that is a combination of a hand drum, zither and a thumb piano.


Touch and movement practice include an integration of partner yoga,

Thai massage, and craniosacral holds. Please bring two yoga mats, two blankets or cushions, water, and comfy clothes!

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K. Michelle Johnson, MA

Sex & Couples Therapist

Therapeutic  Yoga teacher

Lessey Wentworth 09-18-2021 by Sofia Dro

Lessey Wentworth MA, LPCC

Certified Sex Educator

Sex and Couples therapist


Johannes Rath


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