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"What you seek is seeking you"


Find your way back to your center with medicine and non-medicine journeys, coaching and psychotherapy
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Psychedelics are a powerful tool to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness and work with material that may be held below the surface of our ordinary mind. When used with the intention and setting for therapeutic processing, these medicines can give access for deep healing.

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Inner Journeying Coaching

Inner Journeying is a practice that helps us get beneath the surface layers of our ego and access the wisest parts of ourselves to find clarity and healing.  Sometimes our minds our so wrapped up in our stories we can't move through, we're stuck in spin mode. This practice integrates guided visualization and parts work to help us connect to what we really want, need, and allow movement forward.

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Sex therapy is a compassionate and judgement-free space to explore what the underlying causes of your sexual concerns are.  Whether you have individual concerns or concerns in your relationship, sex therapy can help you create the changes to feel good about your sexuality and satisfied in your sex life.

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Welcome! I'm Michelle

I'm excited to you're here.  It means you are seeking.  I do believe in the wisdom of Rumi,

"what you seek is seeking you." 

Do you know what it is? Maybe you know exactly what it is, or maybe part of the process will be me supporting you to put words to it.  The pain of feeling lost in life can be lonely and unbearable at times.  It maybe due to life circumstance, mental health or relationship/sexual  issues. 

I believe in your power and inner knowing.  I trust your wisdom.  Even if you can't feel it right now, it is all there trust me and we can help it find you.

Let's schedule a time to connect below!

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