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Courses and Coaching

Learn to live a life a flow, prosperity, connection, and amazing sex.  Each course equips you with a new mindset, scientific research to back it, and engaging exercises that put theory into practice.  

All courses are taught live and are recorded for students to view at their convenience.  For optimal benefit and integration of the material, each course includes coaching sessions to help students personalize a plan to reach their unique goals and see results.

Course begins July 5, 2021
Mondays from 4-5pm

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Your Life In Flow Course

60-days to dream, actualize, & optimize 

Your Life in Flow integrates the neuroscience of happiness and flow states with the concepts and practices of flow in ancient wisdom traditions to help you experience a new mode of being.  Find empowerment with tools to live an integrated life of flow in work, performance, relationships, creativity, and self-care. 


Students of this course find clarity and confidence in who they are, what they want, and how to get it. They learn the skillfulness to move through blocks keeping them from an enriching and optimal life.  

Erotic Fulfilment Course

60-days of pleasure, play, & partnership  

Experience new levels of fulfillment in your erotic life by deepening pleasure, play, and partnership.  This course is designed for couples to help them redefine and experience their sexual relationship in a new light. 


Learn how to feel confidence in your sexual-self, let go of shame, and have more fun in bed by getting to know different layers of your erotic-self and your partner.  Couples of the course find a deeper bond, passion, and enjoyment of their relationships by inviting erotic play in new and exciting ways.

Course TBA  July 2021

Schedule a call here to be interviewed for our program

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