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Psychedelics are a powerful tool to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness and work with material that may be held below the surface of our ordinary mind.

When used with the intention and setting for therapeutic processing, these medicines can give access for deep healing. 


I combine the medicinal benefits of ketamine along with the healing psychotherapy.

Ketamine therapy has been shown to be a powerful tool to heal treatment resistant depression. I am trained to support individuals using sublingual ketamine in a therapeutic setting.

we work with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Low Self-worth

  • Desire for Personal Growth

  • Sexuality

  • Shame

  • Gender Exploration

  • Disconnection with Body

The Process

Clients will self-administer their prescribed ketamine at the beginning of the session. I will be there to invite you to deepen and explore your experience. The dose will be decided by your psychiatric prescriber and is usually an amount that allows you to fully engage in therapy. This might involve communicating and processing your experience with me or you might remain quiet in your own internal experience.

Sessions are usually 2 hours with integration sessions (non-medicine talk therapy) scheduled in between. Some individuals may benefit from 3-hour sessions. The length and frequency of sessions will be discussed and determined with me. For those with severe symptoms, twice a week for the first few weeks may be of benefit, followed by once a week. Others may benefit from once a week, or once every other week.

The Benefit

I use ketamine as a form of Non Ordinary State Psychotherapy (NOSP). While talk therapy addresses material that we consciously know, NOSP access material below the surface. This may show up as metaphor, parts of your psyche, memories that are stored in the body, and deeper access to emotions. Ketamine therapy can support our awareness of what needs healing and offers our nervous system resources to process and heal material that might feel too overwhelming in traditional counseling sessions alone. While this is not true for everyone, clients often feel a sense of accelerated healing and breakthroughs they weren’t able to access with other mental health treatments.

I am an Intimacy Specialists

For so many, life challenges include relationships. I believe that the wounding that happened in relationships requires relationships to heal. I aim to cultivate a supportive therapeutic relationship to support your journey. In addition to offering KAP, I have training in sex and relationship therapy. I invite all of you to show up, including the most vulnerable parts of yourself.

I will refer you to a prescriber who will medically assess safety for use of ketamine therapy and prescribe your medicine.

Let's schedule a time to connect!


I'm part of a group practice called the Love, Sex, and Gender Center. 

Please schedule with me using our link below. 


I am available for online sessions until February 2023. I will be available for in- person sessions at the Coal Creek office after February 7th. If you prefer to meet in Boulder, feel free to schedule with another clinician from our center.

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