Sex & Relationship Coaching

Are you longing for a fulfilling relationship?

Are you wasting your time on dead end dates?

Do you wish to feel confident and empowered in your sexuality? 

Struggling in these areas of life can be extremely painful. You might feel that you are losing hope that you can have the love and sex you desire. Maybe you have been on countless disappointing dates and are questioning if you are doomed to roam the planet alone. Or maybe you feel stuck in unhealthy cycles with your current partner that you know need to change. You might be feeling insecure and lacking confidence about yourself, your body, or how to please a partner romantically or sexually.  

I work with couples and individuals who are struggling with:

♥ Dating/Finding the Right Partner

♥ Sexual and Body Confidence 

♥ Improving Communication in Relationship

♥ Deepening Intimacy and Connection

♥ LGBTQ Sexual or Gender Identity Exploration

♥ Gaps in Sexual Desire for Couples 

♥ Non-monogamy/Open Relationships 

♥ Kink/BDSM Exploration 

Many clients start out feeling confused and stuck about how to make the changes they so desperately want. Getting clear about what the obstacles are and how to remove them often requires support. Sex and relationship coaching is a compassionate, judgment-free space to let go of what's holding you back so that you can make the changes needed to have the sex, love, confidence and fulfillment you desire.
Convenience & Flexiblity
Busy schedule? No problem! All coaching sessions are conducted via phone or Skype for convenience and flexibility.  Sessions can be conducted internationally.
Coaching vs Therapy 

Coaching is more focused on supporting you to make active changes in the present and future rather than healing the past. Coaching can be incredibly healing but therapy is recommended instead of or in conjunction with coaching if there is significant trauma, depression, or anxiety preventing you from moving towards your goals. Before we start our work, we will set up a consultation to decide whether you want to utilize my skills as a psychotherapist or coach. Psychotherapy sessions can only be done in Colorado, coaching sessions can be done out of state/internationally over the phone or Skype. 

You deserve to feel confident in your body and to have the romantic and sexual fulfillment you've always wanted.  Take the first step towards sex and relationship satisfaction.

Let's start by scheduling your free 20-minute phone consult.

Send me a brief message with the best times to chat and I will reach out to you shortly.  If you are a couple please let me know the best times we can all get on the phone to chat.  I look forward to connecting! 


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