The Team

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Lyndsey Lyons, MA, LPCC

Co-Founder of Love, Sex and Gender Center

Sex and Couples Therapist

I’m passionate about supporting people and helping them to explore the depths of their souls to live more meaningful, connected lives. I am deeply inspired by the healing potential of expanded states of consciousness; psychedelic medicine and erotic exploration can offer acess to profound states and deep healing in their own unique ways with the proper set and setting.   

I believe that secure, loving relationships are the ultimate healing medicine. We can heal through building these relationships: whether they be therapeutic relationships, relationships with partners, spouses, friends, community, self, spirituality, or the Earth.

I work with people who have diverse experiences with sexuality, gender, and relationship style. My areas of focus include, healing sexual trauma, embracing embodiment and pleasure, exploring gender and queer identities, navigating BDSM and desire, and psychedelic integration & ketamine therapy.

I graduated from Naropa University with an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy.  I am a DARe Practitioner ( Dynamic Attachment REpatterning), PACT Couple Therapist (level 1), and Somatic Trauma Therapist (Somatic Experience Beginning and Intermediate levels & Trauma Dynamics). I am a current participant in a 3 year intensive Psychedelic Therapy Training. I’m an army veteran, I’ve collaborated with sex workers, and I’ve worked with incarcerated populations – all of which informs my practice today. I enjoy spending time in the mountains and value love & connection above all else.

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MeHeadshots (1 of 6).jpg

K. Michelle Johnson, MA

Sex and Relationship Therapist

and Director/Founder


I am a psychotherapist, coach, yoga teacher, musician, and artist. I am passionate about the effectiveness of psychotherapy and coaching to empower individuals and couples to create fulfilling relationships and satisfying sex lives.

My Master’s degree is in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University; this is a holistic and mindful approach to psychotherapy. I believe that we are more than just talking heads and therapy is most healing when integrating mind, body, heart and soul. I have completed advanced trainings in couples and sex therapy at Denver Family Institute, as well as through a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT). I am a level II PACT therapist and hold a certificate in marriage and family therapy.

I know from personal experience getting help can be hard. For most of my life I have struggled with a health condition that has had a huge impact on my confidence and sexuality. My healing journey has inspired me to help others feel empowered and vibrant as sexual beings and to grow from the challenges they face. I truly believe you have all you need to cultivate the love and sex you truly desire. Sometimes you just need help uncovering the wisdom and power to get there.